You Ain't Gotta Fake It To Kick It

     Seeing how the internet once worked as a child growing up in the 90's has completely humbled me in many ways. With up to 30 years experimenting the do's and don'ts, I must say nothing noways seems impossible. Social Media has paved a way for people like myself to get on here and make a living that I once thought would never exist in my wildest imagination. I mean back in the 90's and prior you couldn't have thought that you would be setting up your own green screen one day, and chopping your own videos in a program lol. This is our new norm Today, but there's always a gift and a curse to everything right? 

     The things I'm not really digging these days about social media and people is that now everyone is so embedded in it like it's really apart of their lives. Thing is.. Can we blame them? Is our age catching up to us? I mean we hold our cell phones in our hands probably between 20-90% of our day. I remember a time when creators wouldn't do anything just to try to make a name for themselves. I remember when most actually put in the rooted time to make a luxury product. Noways can't speak on that so much because we literally witnessed people do it just to create a buzz. 

     From pranks, couples platforms, skits, music, its really up to you on where you want to start your foundation. Point is you will have to make sure that it's something that you actually enjoy doing. Not just picking it up because you seen others doing it as well. Too often I've witnessed people work to get themselves out of a 9-5 but fail to realize that you can work a 24/7 doing something that's totally not up to your speed of comfort. Yeah, it may work for a period of time, but your character can't restrain itself from presenting what's truly needed out of your life.  

     My best suggestion is to try things out, and then do process of elimination. Too often we get caught up watching public figures lives play out only to realize that it's not what it's all played out to be in the end when we experience for ourselves. The key is to take care of your physicality/mental. I'm pretty sure you don't want to end chasing a dream, only to find out that you're really a slave to that very thing you once called a way out.