Crazy Florida 🤔 🤷🏾‍♂️

     Florida has been known to have the rep of holding some of the most craziest people in the United States according to many. As a Florida Boy myself (Reppin Bradenton #941) I must say that I have witnessed some things that I only think people from Florida are capable of. The past 5-10 years it seems like everyone wants to point the finger at us like we're the only ones that have insane people. Truth be told, insanity is worldwide. There's no limitation on where "crazy" could happen unfortunately.

     The only thing I kinda appreciate and like about the reputation of Floridians, is that we don't have to worry about too many people starting trouble lol. I mean after all why would you want to do that? But other than that I feel there are some things we need to address. Why is it that people want to throw us under the bus, but Florida happens to be the most moved to State? I mean what sense does that make?

     Even when it comes to Covid-19 it is obvious that Florida holds the record for being one of the most top infected States in the Nation. Funny because when I hear "Man Florida just can't get it together" then scroll down my timeline it seems to be a lot of outsiders visiting/exploring and doing outside water activities. Doesn't sound like the Sunshine State has an issue with visitors. Just saying please find more positive things to voice about our Beautiful State.

     People have to realize that Florida is one big melting pot. With all different types of ethnicities/race of people. Country, City, Island, how do you want it served? So I understand why this State can't take a break lol. We're always making headlines. I mean after all, we do have 3 NFL Teams. Not to mention a Team in every other league as well. And the fishing? Ah, please don't get me started. Some of the finest fishing you'd ever run across. But all you see is otherwise huh? Smh..

     Deep down inside us Floridians know you guys Love us. This is just a friendly jab at all the people that don't have nice things to say about the sunshine State. For we take pride in our Hurricanes as well lol.. I mean you can never get a true Floridian to move out of their homes unless forced to lol. Man I Love being from this State. Let us not forget that Tropicana is manufactured here as well. There's more I could add on to the list but we're gonna hold off. Just please have and put more Respect on our name.

Signing off - Floridians