Sending Your Kids To School During Covid-19 🎲

     With 2020 being filled with nothing but surprises, and slam dunks of everyone's livelihood and emotions. we seem to have crossed yet another hectic issue that thousands (maybe millions) will have to face in the next few weeks. Covid-19 (Corona Virus) seems to be spreading, and there seems to be no signs of it the slow silent killer slowing down. This leaves parents worldwide frightened about the unpredictable outcome. How will we truly know if our kids are safe in these environments? Ages 13+ seems to have an easier process than the kids just entering for the very 1st time. It's more so the small children that we have to guard the most to keep them in the proper social distancing bubble.

     What's so challenging about the virus amongst kids is that you can't really stop kids from having a good time. What is a good time? Recess, Horseplay, etc. Kids are and will always be kids so how can we prevent the spread from going from one child to another? How can we make this environment a safe zone for parents to be at once peace?

     Just a week ago a Georgia Student was suspended for taking a picture in between classes showing how hazardous the environment is. She later posted it on instagram where it gained thousands (if not millions) of of traffic worldwide. The School officials then took it amongst their time to discipline the teenager. After a series of outrages on every social media platform, and news platforms reporting the incident. The Principle decided to lift the suspension of the student to resume back to class ASAP. It seems as though they were facing challenges that they weren't ready to face head on, leading to the teenager's reinstatement.

     With the virus not having a cure, and no solution in sight to manage. Questions remain unanswered as we blaze through this difficult year. How will you be handling this situation this year when it comes to you kid(s). Are they staying home? Are they attending? There are literally no right or wrong answers when it comes to responding to covid-19. Teachers and Students all around America have been adding on to the positive list when it comes to testing. This seems to be leaving thousands in stress. Hopefully one day we will have our peace in our possession. Until then, we have to sit back and play the waiting games with our fingers crossed. 🤞🏽