Put Some Respect on Adam Silver's Name ⚡️

      In recent news I think it's time to send some outpouring major respect points to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for his outstanding involvement in the player's and leagues adjustment when it comes to racial injustice. For the past few years America has been highly controversial since the kneeling of former NFL 49'ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. With racial inequality and police brutality outrage servicing across everyone's social media timeline, the commissioner himself created a new normal for the world to view. In yesterday's resuming season, the NBA has allowed players to wear jerseys with the option of whatever they choose to speak their voices replacing last names.

     This move made by Adam Silver has definitely raised the bar for leagues worldwide. Right now there are all eyes on the NBA for how they've been handling these issues at hand. Hopefully the NFL and others find a creative solution to show the players more respect and compassion. It seems like other leagues won't even bother taking the time out to focus on the obvious. With little to no effort targetting action when it comes to inequality, it's safe to say that they are stating how they feel.

     The NBA has not only countered racial inequality, but also made it very clear with actions that they are there for the concerns of the players. I mean that's what a player's union is for right? To make sure that every voice is heard when it comes to the problems at hand. This (in my opinion) is the reason why the NBA Today continues to dominate in viewer rankings while the others continue to find a way to play "catch up". Here's some quick questions for everyone reading this article. What are some steps you think leagues outside of the NBA should take? Should they remain silent/neutral in these types of situations? Should they speak out and do a call to action?

     For years (especially the past 3-5) we've witnessed player's racial concerns get ignored. It's only so long until everyone is going to have to address the large elephant in the room. Right is right, and wrong is simply wrong! We feel that everyone should take a page out of the commissioner Adam Silver's book. His work shall not go unnoticed by any means and it's very important to give credit when credit is due. On behalf of everyone who stands for equality and justice, we'd like to take the time out to tell Mr. Silver thank you for your empathy shown.