People Should Stop Making Fun of Meg Thee Stallion! ⚡️

     It seems as if people are finding a kick out of Meg The Stallion's demise. Lately the viral Hip Hop artist was shot in the foot and ever since then she hasn't been able to live it down on the internet. This case doesn't get any better when you see celebs posting memes, alongside with the people and going on other platforms to rub it in. Draya Michele was caught up on a podcast making fun of the situation. Shortly after Meg snapped on Twitter, and went ghost town again. Crazy because shortly after Draya ended up losing out her RiRI (Rihanna) endorsement. Crazy how the tongue can get you caught up if you're not careful. We have to be careful about how we project our words out there.

     Within weeks the Hot Girl herself made a return on Instagram Live. Thing is it wasn't just any ordinary day. It was reported the day she chose to go live happens to be the Birthday of Artist Torey Lanez. People have a series of questions and speculations when it come to him because it's alleged that he shot Meg in both of her feet. People have put out petitions trying to get him deported back to Canada, where he is originally from.

     Meg took the time out to say that it was her late Mother and Father who were watching out for her. God works in mysterious ways, so you never know. The incident could've been worse than what it already was, she could have loss her life. We live in a world where people don't value human life the same anymore. Don't get it twisted, there is nothing new under the sun. It's just the power of influencers and social media Today has a grip on people's mind like no other. I highly doubt anything from the past can closer in my opinion. But again the internet is the internet. Can't be surprised how they take things and run with it. That's what makes it so undefeated as many say.

     Let's keep Meg in prayers... Although the internet will forever be undefeated. We have to admit that just about all of us have participated in a viral current event at some point in time. Let's just keep in mind to never disturb her peace. Jokes are okay here and there but let's not run it into the ground. Meg is obviously going through traumatic issues at the moment. Although I feel this couldn't be a perfect down to sit down, and take a breather and reflect. Sometimes it's good to have the opportunity to analyze the positive/negative. This is all good for the game and she will jump back into her element. Please Keep her in prayers while she's currently trying to recover. Remember, it's all fun and games until it hits home close to you!