Oh Now You're A Buccaneers Fan and Tuning In?

     The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been the highlight of NFL Sports, and many conversations worldwide. Being a Tampa Bay supporter since a child (7/8yrs old) this doesn't surprise me really. I knew one day the city of Tampa would be back on the map. Took 15yrs+ years to do so but all of that changed when Seasoned Vet (6x Super Bowl Champion) Tom Brady decided to pack his bags and move to the Sunshine State. This almost reminds me of the time when Jon Gruden (Chuckie) cam to town. Except Jon was no one near a legend then, and had no Super Bowl Rings under his belt. 

     Tom's leadership is what the young Bucs squad needed to get to the level they've been desperately fighting to get to. Don't get it twisted, I'm still a fan on Jaemis Winston but I must be honest. He didn't get the job done to the capacity the organization/fans were expecting. Yes, he was a pro bowl QB, and Rookie of the year, but it wasn't enough. Our Defense was a great blame of why we weren't able to evolve, but of course you're only as good as your Quarterback so they catch majority of the team blame. 

      Everyone could smell change coming through to the city, but not this fast of a pace. Seems like ever since Mr. Brady joined the rest of the league/world has jumped on board. Went from the Tampa Bay Succaneers to "The Bucs will be Super Bowl contenders this year". I mean wow lol.. But at the same time what ever happened to that energy you had previously? Now I'm hearing how our defense is a threat, and that we had a great 2nd half of the year. I didn't hear any of that last year or prior. 🤔  hmmmm.. I starting to smell something hear. Band Wagons!

     We understand that Tom himself is gonna attract an outstanding amount of traffic. I mean what else could you expect from the G.O.A.T. himself? There's no question people are going to follow him wherever he goes. Just saying we peep game, but we are truly proud and happy to have him in all Bucs gear. With rumors of Antonio Brown tagging along, the Bucs quickly shut that down and included Rob Gronkowski (future Hall of Famer) to the Roster along with great draft picks.  I feel this year we will definitely become instant contenders of the NFC and will be top 3 at least. The Super Bowl.. Well anything can happen quite frankly. It would be amazing to see Tampa Bay defend the home land since the Super Bowl will be hosted in Tampa in 2021. 

     Hopefully we as Buc Nation take full advantage of the spotlight, and gift of additions we have on our squad. This couldn't be a better window to show the world that we've always been a great unit, but was missing a few pieces to make this a luxury organization. I haven't seen the Bucs win a Super Bowl (Their Only 1) since 2003. I remember being a 14yr old teenager being hyped as I watched that #1 Defense completely destroy Jon Gruden's ex Raider's #1 Offense. That couldn't have been a better sight. Let's see what the Bucs will offer this year. We expect nothing less than Greatness itself!