Meg The Stallion Says Torey Lanez Shot Her.. "I Tried To Save Him"

BREAKING NEWS: The Hot Girl herself has came out of her cubby hole during quarantine and decided to let the world know that she was indeed shot by Artist Torey Lanez the night they were all reprimanded by officials about a month ago. She took it amongst herself to let everyone know because she felt disrespected by Torey's team for putting out false statements to other platforms. The questions remains.. If true.. How will Mr. Lanez bounce back from this incident? Before I stated that I could only see him making a comeback if he stays off social media for a few years, if not forever and keep everything all about the music. 

Seems like Meg's peace has been highly disturbed lately. Let's keep her in prayers. It's kinda commendable (if true) that she tried to keep things on code by not letting people know who shot her. You don't really find too many women that will take one for the team like that while being slandered online in silence. I think we should all look at the character of the responses on both ends.