Marquise Goodwin Says No Football For 2020 ☄️

    NFL Philadelphia Wide Receiver (Former 49'er) Marquise Goodwin posted a video telling everyone that he has made a decision to opt of out the 2020 Season due to unsafe conditions. With Millions being diagnosed with Covid-19 Worldwide, the young King has decided that he will not allow his decision making to be the demise of anyone in his Family. Recently he and his wife brought in a beautiful baby girl, and he has chosen not to put her at risk. In 2017 the couple experienced a terrible tragedy losing his newborn son to complications of pregnancy. Later on Marquis was told by his Wife to go play the upcoming game the 49'ers had against the New York Giants. Not in the mood, and restraining to leave his significant other alone. He was given the Blessings from her to utilize the situation to turn it into a Story that millions will never forget. During the game Marquis scored an 83 yard Touchdown, and dedicated it to his late son.

     Mr. Goodwin also has a Successful YouTube Channel where he displays more of his personal side of life through Football, and Family. Often we hear about how Black Men aren't around for their Family and Kids. And quite often we hear of various of occasions on how Athletes (Especially NFL Players) don't date or procreate with Black Women. Marquis is a great example (alongside many others) of what society says isn't so common in the Melanoid Community.

     Decisions comes with extreme sacrifices in life. I don't think Marquis has to blink or think twice when it comes to the safety of his Family. I mean what real man wouldn't? No disrespect to the other Fathers who have to do what they have to do in order to keep food, and many stashed. Marquis is Blessed to be able to have a career that can not only fund, but respect his decision. This is what you call a true sacrifice and realizing that it's bigger than you!

     We should all keep Marquise and his family in prayers. Sacrificing Love and chasing a Dream with Millions on the table cannot be compared to human life. Especially at the expense of your loved ones. Many other athletes around the World have chosen to opt out as well. So Marquis isn't in this thing alone. We must protect our Babies at all times by any means. This right here is what we call a "stand up guy" move. Nothing but love and respect for the Goodwin family! This is the definition of You Can't Purchase Peace!