Lou Leaves The Bubble?

    In Breaking News: Lou Williams, the 2nd Round High School Draft Pick in 2014 has allegedly took things into his own hands to search for his peace during these hectic pandemic times. The 3x's Los Angeles Clipper "6th Man of the Year" star reportedly went outside the NBA bubble to attend his late Grandfather's Funeral in Georgia, but also decided to make a stop at a very popular nightclub "Magic City". He was spotted taking a picture with his mask on alongside another public figure.

     In Lou William's defense, it was stated that he didn't think much of it because he didn't attend for the dancers. He stated that it's more than just the dancers, it's the wings lol. With Magic City being known for their late night servings, this could absolutely be true. But the problem isn't the food. It's the fact that he took the initial risk to put not only himself at harm with his health, but his peers as well. There has been plenty of people that didn't see wrong in Lou's actions. Instead they looked at it as just a great place to eat, and enjoy the delicious servings the establishment had to offer.

     Lou Williams will not be able to participate in any activities involving him, and his team for at least 10 days. He will have to sit in his room and isolate himself until the all cleared by the NBA for a grand return. He will most likely miss a few of the regular season games due to the decision made by commissioner Adam Silver. The league has done a tremendous job at making and keeping the safety of the players, staff's, and coaches a top priority. So this move isn't a surprise at all. Let's all hope that the trip Lou Williams partook in was worth it. What do you guys think? Are Magic City Nightclub wings worth risking it all for? Would you have done it? Is it not so much of a big deal?

     If you were an NBA Player making millions name a food establishment that you would definitely risk it all for lol. Much shout out to Lou. I'm sure now the league is gonna be that more stricter on the players when it comes to an excused absence. To any other players out there.. If you're thinking about making some stops, make sure you don't take the time out to take pictures. I think this is where Lou went wrong. Otherwise he probably would have gotten away with this without the aknknowledgement of others.