How Can Torey Lanez Recover From Latest Incident?

If you guys haven't found out by now, and under a rock. About a few weeks ago Torey Lanez and Meg The Stallion have been the talk of the town, and social media for all the wrong reasons. After the two rising Stars left a party (hanging with Kylie Jenner) allegedly word in the streets say that Mr. Lanez pulled out a firearm and shot Meg in both of her feet.

     Torey was arrested later for possession of an illegal firearm, but charges of assault has not been filed due to Meg keeping her lip sealed. I guess she wants to keep things in house which is respectable. But there are more problems that we must address other than the Hot girl herself. We must pull the certain back on Torey. He has been off of Social Media ever since the situation occurred. Pretty sure the reason why is because he simply is having a hard time adjusting to the new norm for him.

     This isn't just any typical new norm. What Torey is dealing with is what we call a tarnish of image. Although all of what was said are speculations, and accusations we must take into consideration on just how hard it may be trying to take on such a drastic change. A few years back we're hearing Torey as he's becoming introduced to the game/world, running the charts. And next thing you know while at the top of the mountain, here comes the trouble he was not prepared for. Torey is known as the undersized hot head with a cocky swag. How do make a return to the game maintaining the content and energy you created since entering as a Rookie?

     With all the Women's rights activism going on this will be a tough one to bounce back from. Not saying that it isn't impossible, but in my suggestion I think Torey Lanez should follow a new strategy by just creating, and staying extra low key on all social media platforms for awhile. This could very well take years to fix. I mean let's look at Chris Brown for example. Today he still deals with some of the backlash from what happened 10yrs ago. One thing about people, they never forget.

     The last heard was that Torey was spotted in Orlando, Fl.. Hmmm.. Seems like everyone enjoys the good ole Sunshine State regardless of all the craziness reputation worldwide. Let's just sit back and see where buddy goes from here. I truly think he should never upload for a very long time and just focus on music 100%. That's the only way I can see him getting by.