Dave Chappelle Checks on Kanye ⚡️

    Kanye West had a breakdown on a South Carolina stage during a Rally. Since then the Legendary Hip Hop Artist has been on yet again another series of episodic rants online. After drawing the attention of millions, a few days later it appears another iconic figure has reached out to check on the well being of Mr. West. That person happened to be Dave Chappelle who pulled up to the spot. I mean does this really surprise you? Dave comes off like a stand up guy. Can't see him any other way.

     It's good to see Brothers reaching out to one another in a time of need. Too often we get caught up in talking about someone or the situation and forget that we can/could be that helping hand. At times we as people may not understand what others go through. It's easy to fall into the trap of contributing to their demise. Let's keep in mind that Kanye is dealing with mental issues. We've all heard that the Brain is a terrible thing to waste. Let's have some compassion to the sickness Ye is battling. Sometimes you never know... Ya know?

     I'd rather play it safe and take a person's condition seriously because at the end of the day, I haven't experienced that type of lifestyle. While on an interview years ago Kanye let it be known to @Cthgod that he was on medication. When asked what type Kanye replied "I'd rather not say". No matter what all medications have side effects. God knows what Kanye is taking that may play a responsible role in his life. A few years ago R&B Singer Tyrese had a series of meltdowns himself and later on told everyone that it was his subscribed medications causing the uproars.

     Much Love to Dave Chappelle once again for showing an outstanding amount of class during the challenging times we're living in. You have to appreciate anyone that is willing to extend themselves during a pandemic. Dave could of chose to social distance or use anything as an excuse to not follow through with a good deed. We must understand how you make a person feels means everything because the feeling itself is something that person will never forget. Pay close attention to the good people that play a role in this demonic world. There's a lot of confusion being passed around like halloween candy. We must value the people that come in peace with no malice intentions attached. Let's thank the most high for them! You are very much so appreciated!